I. Bergmann A/S can offer milling and turning of very intricate and complicated items with extra fine tolerances in almost all materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic. With our production control system, OPEX, we handle the assignment inventory and take care of the logistics, as we produce, purchase, surface-finish, test and deliver complete units.

Our end products cover a vast range of products. We supply the mechanics for professional image scanners, pneumatic tools, including valve and regulators for pneumatic tools, dental equipment, signal units for railways, connectors and machinery for the telecommunication industry, filling and packing machines for food products, fire safety equipment, support devices for the disabled and a whole lot more.

In close consultation with our clients and customers, we carry out partial or finishing assembly on mechanical components, so that these units can go directly to warehouse/storage as and when the need arises. Where the job is running on an on-going basis, we have our own backup warehouse. That is your guarantee of a secure delivery - even for "just-in-time" productions.

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