I. Bergmann A/S is a family run business that carries out processing and finishing
work involving cutting and machining. 
When working with us, you are working with people who are very aware that it's the human interaction between our many loyal customers and our talented staff, as well as the pride we take in our work which guarantees a top class finished product.

I. Bergmann A/S was established in 1948 as a brass works, and even
though today we are a high tech outfit, that original professional pride
in the origins of our craft and solid workmanship still lies at the heart of
our ethos.

We provide project solutions with top standards of precision and
finishing and as an order based company we are in a position to deliver
a large range of turning and milling projects on very short notice.

We share our experience and professional competence with our
creative partners at the production design stage, where we also advise
on materials and production processes. This is to ensure that we achieve both the highest quality and a financially competitive final product.

  In 2014 I. Bergmann a/s became ISO 9001 certified. Read more here

If you have further questions regarding our skills base, talents in cutting and machining, you are more than welcome to give us a call at +45 38 74 88 00

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I Bergmann a/s

Skalbakken 9
2720 Vanløse

Tlf.: +45 38 74 88 00

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